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Eleanor Carr

dulcian, shawm, recorder

Previously a student at Bath Spa University, Eleanor graduated from the BA Music course with a First class with honours, and won the ensemble performance award for 2019. Eleanor stayed on for a masters degree, achieving a Distinction in MA Music Performance. As well as receiving the kind support of the Taunton Maids Bursary at Bath Spa, Eleanor has been the recipient of several bursary places at Chalemie, Dartington International Summer School, Jackdaws and the Historically Informed Summer School.

Currently, Eleanor enjoys a mixed freelance career of performing, teaching and work within arts administration. As a performer, Eleanor is a member of the Favonius Collective, one half of the duo Minerva Winds and as a great waits enthusiast, performs as part of the Baggeshotte Waytes and Weston Wyndes. Other notable performance opportunities include with Sirinu and the York Waits. 

A big fan of dressing up in costume, Eleanor has previously been involved in a number of Regency events in Bath, including performing at the celebrations for the 250th anniversary of the Royal Crescent and for a Regency Ball at the Holburne Museum.

When not playing or administrating, Eleanor can be found practising calligraphy and attending baroque dance classes.

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