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Lewis Jones

keyboard continuo

Lewis inexplicably started his career by enrolling as a tuba player at Birmingham Conservatoire (before it became Royal). Upon realising that this was not really going to allow him to pursue his longstanding obsession with early music he changed to studying voice, but subsequently spent most of his undergraduate study playing the harpsichord. He then studied an MA in early music editing at the University of Birmingham. Lewis is currently finishing a PhD at the University, where he researches North Italian sacred music of the late sixteenth/early seventeenth centuries.


Lewis has a varied career as a performer, editor, teacher and academic. Highlights have included performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Henry IV parts I & II (2014) and King Lear (2016/2018). He teaches academic writing for the University of Birmingham’s College of Arts and Law, marks papers for UoB’s music department, and is currently organist at the Church of St Augustine of Hippo, Edgbaston. He enjoys writing music, particularly sacred polychoral music in a late seicento style: his quintuple-choir Missa Benedicam Dominum a22 was performed at St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham, and a recently completed triple-choir, fifteen-part version of the Missa Papae Marcelli is awaiting its first performance.

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